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Symptoms of Black Magic and Evils of Magic Symptoms:

How Black Magic Works?

The black magic works in three different steps with which an evil work or magician perform black magic curses on you. The steps how the black magician works on you are given below.
  1. Black magician uses your pictures name father name, mother name date of birth or any other detail with which you can be tracked.
  2. On next step black magician can also use your cloths, hairs, nails or any other thing that you smelled like fragrance glasses etc., any thing that concerns to you the magician can use.
  3. After getting these details black magician starts doing ritual on you and this can be multidimensional same after the worst on as the magician wants to hurts you.
  4. There are different types of magic, voodoo, curses, hexes and jinxes some of them are more worst and can works in different circumstances.
  5. The magician starts with the small attacks and binger level of curse spells and test on your body that how much that dirty spell works on you and what are the affects.
  6. After these steps the magician continually starts doing black magic on the victim one an after another worst attack.
  7. These are some steps which commonly magician uses to attack a person and same as the person involved in doing black magic on you.
  8. When the black magician starts doing black magic on you its symptoms and affects will be low but soon after some time when evil power takes grip on you through magic it gets worst
  9. The details of it symptoms I am going to mention below.

Symptoms of Black Magic and Voodoo Signs and Symptoms.

  1. The victim starts feeling pain in the body.
  2. Sometime the pain moves in different parts of bad.
  3. The victim feels that someone is stressing his mind.
  4. The victim of black magic faces continues hurdles and blockages in daily life.
  5. The victim sufferers from headache and back head pains.
  6. The victim feels pain like someone is pinching needles in victim’s body.
  7. In worst attacks the victim feels blood taste in mouth and sometime blood comes in mouth but this symptom only happens in worst cases.
  8. The victim faces continually issues of money and business.
  9. The victim social life totally disturbs and an unnecessary thing starts happening around.
  10. Sometime peoples start fight with the victim of black magic with no reason.
  11. The victim of black magic less likes to meet peoples.
  12. The victim suffers from very bad thoughts.
  13. Through voodoo witch crafting the black magic can make an attempt to do the victim blind.
  14. The pain head and continues headaches and sometime pain moves through the spinal cord to head.While reading Quran or Ruqyah the color of victim’s eyes turns red, gray or yellow in case of jinns/satan attack through black magic.
  15. The sleep disturbs badly, and if the victim suffers from this type of black magic for a long time may cause of insomnia or another disease.
  16. The mental health of victim disturbs and victim of black magic suffers from deep depression and fear of death.
  17. The black magic makes the victim feeble and unfit and some many health issues occurs one an after.
  18. The victim of black magic suffers from suffocation with no reason and breaths badly.
  19. The mood of victim of black magic turns rapidly.
  20. The body shape can be disturbed and if the voodoo black magic attack is to long it can make changes in your body order.
  21. The victim start forgetting about things, sometime the business deal and time disturbs and when the victim makes commitments, on time that deals don’t proceed/successful.
  22. The victim of black magic and voodoo feels that someone is walking behind him, and see different type of faces in mirror. And feel that someone is standing and watching him behind.
  23. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms so you need a proper treatment for the removal of black magic you suffering. You can contact Amel Soname in case of removal of black magic, and continues evil of black magic.