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Ruqyah to destroy jinn living in head and body

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In Islamic perspective, there is a belief in the existence of supernatural beings known as jinn (spirits) that can inhabit the human body or cause harm from outside. Islam provides guidance on dealing with these jinn through a practice known as ruqyah.

Ruqyah is the Islamic method of seeking protection and healing from supernatural afflictions such as possession or harm caused by jinn. It involves reciting specific verses from the Quran and supplications prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to seek relief and protection from the unseen forces of evil.

When it comes to jinn residing in the human body or causing disturbances, Islam teaches that they can be driven away through the power of sincere faith, the recitation of Quranic verses, and supplications to Allah. This practice aims to restore the balance and well-being of individuals affected by jinn-related issues, both in physical and psychological aspects.

The process of ruqyah usually involves a person who is well-versed in the commandments of Allah and the healing verses from the Quran. This person, known as a raqi, recites specific chapters and verses from the Quran while seeking Allah’s help to expel the jinn and alleviate the harm caused. In addition to recitation, the raqi may also blow air or make physical contact with the affected person as part of the treatment process.

It is important to note that ruqyah is not a magical or mystical practice. It is firmly rooted in the teachings of Islam and relies on the belief in Allah’s power and mercy. Muslims seek Allah’s help through ruqyah, believing that only He has the ultimate authority to heal and protect.

It is also important to approach ruqyah with the recognition that not every problem or illness is caused by jinn. Islam emphasizes the importance of seeking medical advice and treatment for physical and mental health issues. Ruqyah should complement medical treatment, not replace it.

Furthermore, the Islamic perspective reminds individuals to focus on strengthening their faith, maintaining good character, and staying within the bounds of Islamic teachings. Regular recitation of Quranic verses and supplications, along with other acts of worship, serve as a form of protection and prevention from the influence of jinn and other negative forces.

In conclusion, ruqyah is a practice in Islam to seek protection and healing from the harm caused by jinn. It involves the recitation of specific verses from the Quran and supplications while relying on Allah’s power and mercy. However, it is important to seek guidance from qualified individuals who have deep knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings and ruqyah practices. They can provide appropriate guidance and perform ruqyah in a manner that aligns with the principles of Islam.

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